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ISSN 1844 – 2021


ISSN – 1844–2021

Welcome to The Round Table


Following the great success of the first conference in 2007, the Department of English, Partium Christian University, Oradea, Romania decided to organize the 2nd international conference on “Central Europe and the English-Speaking World” between 28-29 March 2008. The conference was primarily designed to bring together all those scholars, students and experts whose main professional aim is to build an intellectual bridge of better understanding between Central Europe and the English-Speaking countries.

The event once again attracted some 40 scholars and postgraduate students from the United Kingdom, Poland, Hungary and Romania who talked about the interrelationships and interactions between the countries and cultures of Central Europe and the English-Speaking World in all walks of life including the arts and sciences, languages and literatures, history and economics, politics and sociology. The opening address this year was given by Professor Pia Brînzeu from the West University of Timisoara, Romania. Her lecture on “‘Central-Europeanness’ – An Imagological Stereotype?” was more than adequate for the central topic of the conference.

In addition to the academic part, there were several events which added a special flavour to the conference: on the first night, students of the Department of English, PCU, presented an English-language theatre production which was very favourably received by the participants. The show was followed by a reception which was generously supported by the Irish Embassy in Bucharest. It seems that the interest of the Embassy in the conference has led to a strengthening of the Irish element of the proposed papers. Another event was the launching of The Round Table—The Partium Journal of English Studies, the e-journal of the Department of English, PCU, which was created to be the forum for selected papers of the annual conference. The organizers hope to be able to continue this tradition and publish a representative cross-section of the material presented by the participants.

Péter Szaffkó
Chief Editor